Please Help Me Fix Presentationfontcache Service Error

Here are a few simple steps that can help you solve the problem with the presentationfontcache service. PresentationFontCache.exe comes with a . Clean frame. A serious purpose of the presentation font cache is to load font glyphs into memory so that all requests from Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) can use those fonts.

My computer is slow! I terribly pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up the task manager which helps to see what’s going on. EastThis is an old laptop and these days I need all the processing power of the CPU that I can easily get.- and it definitely won’t help! Can you tell me how to disable Presentationfontcache.exe from Windows 7? “

presentationfontcache service

I pretended toI didn’t have this problem until I asked Teresa if she, like me, could take a closer look at this problem.Remote maintenance from my laptop. She agreed and we were allowed to connect, and of course they placed -Presentationfontcache.exe task used 25% of your CPU.

From what I’ve read online, Presentationfontcache.exe is a font caching service used in the context of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. I have never seen a new WPF application (that has been brought to my attention) in the last 30 days of my computing life, but after some more scientific testing, this service seems to deal directly with many programming related routines, includingMicrosoft Visual Studio. By default, any application that uses the WPF framework enables the Windows Presentation Font Cache Service, although it’s safe to disable it as far as I know.

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After looking around the web a bit more, I found instructions that allowed me to continueFixed a bug that caused fontcache.exe presentation to consume every bit of CPU and other resources.inceinstructions that can explain how to turn it off completely. Unfortunately, neitherThe websites I visited clearly explained how this process was done (for the average Joeas a user); Therefore, I decided to rewrite the instruction without errors and simplify the specific keep the number of steps to a minimum – I’ll also explain how to do it in simple terms.

To Disable Fetching: Presentationfontcache.exe (high CPU Usage)

Is PresentationFontCache exe a virus?

Presentationfontcache.exe is a legitimate database, also known as a RAR process file, originally developed by the WinRAR archiver.

  1. You must first open an administrator command prompt. To do this: Click “Start”, type “cmd” (without quotes); Wait until “CMD.EXE” or “Command Prompt” appears in the list, in which case right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
  2. The following commands define the font cache folder, configure the Windows Foundation Presentation service, which can be started manually, and then restart the service. Also: it’s not easy to select text with the mouse:

    cd C:WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataLocal
    temperature mkdir
    move font*.dat temp
    REG add “HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesFontCache3.0.0.0” /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 3 /f
    net stop FontCache3.0.0.0
    clean start FontCache3.0.0.0
    Echo, this is a bad line

  3. Right-click the highlighted area above, type your text, and select Copy from the context menu. Next, navigate to the administrative command prompt you unzipped in step 1, then right-click in the middle of the window and choose Paste from the context menu. The label you copied in step 2 should now appear on the command line.
  4. Now check the dispatcher to make sure the presentation font cache is registered. Isn’t it exe 25 a lot or 100% of your cpu. To do this, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard; Task Manager appears automatically with Windows 7 and earlier, but to get Windows 8 and 10Users usually need to click on the “Task Manager” link to bring up the Task Manager.after pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard. As soon as the task managerperformed by going to the Processes tab (Details in Windows 7 and earlier versionsin Windows 8 and later) while you see if you can find Presentationfontcache.exeand whether CPU usage indicates that it is widespread. If yes, then you can go to step 5.
  5. DO the following steps ONLY for one person: Presentationfontcache if.exe continues to monitor your CPU The following continues to monitor your CPU. To do this, use the mouse to highlight the following text:

    net stop FontCache3.0.0.0
    REG add “HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesFontCache3.0.0.0” /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4 /f
    Echo, this is the correct dummy line

  6. Right click on the highlighted text above, then select “copy” from the dialog box menu. Next, go to the control command you quickly opened in step 1, then right-click in the specific center of the window and choose Paste from the dialog box menu. The text copied in step 5 should now appear on the command line.

If you don’t see the Presentationfontcache.exe file running in the forex trading broker at this point, the task and your CPU should probably be running much more smoothly. If for some reason presentationfontcache.exe is still running, reboot andthis should permanently stop it from working.

Please note that any program that uses Windows Presentation Foundation may run slower because fonts are cached. If anyone doesn’t know what a program is, I don’t care, as the vast majority of programs I’ve come across have been for programming.

Extra Personal Help From Dennis

If this is too much, you can, or if you need help, disable the typePresentationfontcache.exe – or any other program it may be associated withControl and eat your CPU, I can help you use mine