Solve The Problem Of How To Turn On Network Sharing

You may encounter an error telling you how to turn on network sharing. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we will briefly discuss them.

Click the “Start Management” button, “Settings” then > “Network and Internet and Sharing Options” on the right. Select “Private” in the “Turn on network discovery” section with the “Turn on file and print device sharing” option.

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This post provides a solution to a situation where you cannot enable Network Discovery in the Network and Sharing Center.

Applies to: Windows 2012 Server R2
Source base knowledge number: 2722035


You are trying to enable network discovery on a real computer running Windows 2012 Web Server. This is usually done by changing the sharing settings to “Advanced” in the Network and Sharing Center control. However, there are no saved changes. Therefore, you can not refer to the terms of network discovery. In addition, the following problems are common:

  • Unable to find or view shared folders, no network displayed
  • They also don’t have LAN folders ready.
  • Reason

  • Discovery network roaming dependency services are not firewall related
  • Windows or other firewalls will usually allow networks to be discovered.
  • Resolution

    1. Make sure the following dependency services are running:

    2. DNS client
    3. Publishing resources for feature discovery
    4. SSDP Device Discovery
    5. upnp host
    6. Configure Windows Firewall to allow network discovery by doing the following:

      1. Open panel select control, “System”,and then “Security” from
      2. In Lite, left-click and select Allow an app and/or feature through Windows Firewall.
      3. Choose Change Settings. If prompted for a password or agent verification, enter your personal information or provide verification.
      4. Select network discovery, then select OK.
    7. Configure other network firewalls to enable network discovery.

    8. Enable network discovery on the network hence, and enable sharing center.

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  • To let your Windows 10 PC see other network computers and devices, and which other computers you can connect to, you can change the network discovery direction. For your efficiency, this article below shows you how to turn it on and off.< /p>

    Video tutorial on enabling or enhancing network discovery in Windows 10:

    Steps To Enable Or Disable Network Discovery In Windows 10:

    How do I enable network sharing?

    Press hold and or right-click the network you are connected to, then press or click Enter, Exit, or Disconnect. Select “Yes”, start sharing and connecting to equipment for your home network, small network or business network, if you know and depend on the people and devices on this network.

    how to turn on network sharing

    Step 1. Enter a setь in the search and select Network and Sharing Center from the list.

    Select the “Advanced” step: “Enable Network Discovery” or “Disable Network Discovery” in the settings and click “Save Changes”.

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  • Why Do You Need This Article

    Maybe you’re moving to Windows 10 after Windows 7 was mothballed, or you’re just looking for a great way to share your files from any system.your

    If a Windows 10 PC or other device can’t see other PCs on your network, twothings; You have either assigned all the wrong network profiles (public private points) or network discovery is disabled, group the profile publicly so that some computers are not shared.

    than id=”What’s the difference?”>What exactly is the difference? private

    On networks, Windows provides network discovery functionality. Other mobile devices can still see your Windows PC on the network, authorized to easily share directories and use other network features.

    But on networks – like public networks in cafes – you don’t want others to scan your computer or share your real files with them. Therefore, Windows disables these feature detections. This situation is not currently visible to other devices on the network, and do not attempt to exploit it.

    Enable Network Discovery

    1. Use the start menu to launch and select “Settings”

    A new window that looks like an old-fashioned Control Panel may appear on another monitor. It’s the “Network and Sharing Center” shown below.

    how to turn on network sharing

    The Network, and therefore the Sharing Center in Windows 7, 7, and 10, is one of our most important and most useful Control Panel applications, which allows you to view information and facts about your network and allows us to make changes that affect the network. how to access resources on this network.

    Unfortunately, most people never tamper with network settings because they know what it means and are afraid to mess it up. However, once you understand the settings, you can troubleshoot problems yourself, take full advantage of your privacy, and quickly save, configure, and share printers between multiple computers.


    In this article, I’ll explain to you the various aspects most commonly associated with the Network and Sharing Center, as well as show you some features that you can regularly use to improve your productivity.

    Open Controls Network And Sharing Center

    The first step is to open the network folder and the center. The fastest way to do this is by mistake Press “Start” and/or type “network”. The application with instant launch will appear in the list.

    In all versions of Windows, an application is clearly a panel control. In Windows 7, simply click Start and the Control Panel will appear on the right side of the Start menu. Windows 8.1 above and on Windows 10, just right-click on the start menu and select “Control Panel” from the list.

    In Control Panel, you can click Network, click Internet & Category, then click Manage Network and Sharing Center. If you are in mode, click the icons, directly to the Network and Sharing Center.

    Why is network sharing not working?

    You often turn off the password maintenance feature to fix windows 10 network folder not working. Open Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings. Scroll down to find the “Password Protected Sharing” solution and click “Turn off Password Protected Sharing”.

    How do I turn on network sharing in Windows 11?

    Open the Windows search box. 11 by clicking the search icon on the taskbar.find Control Panel and open it.rightIn the upper corner, set for steam Set the “View Specific” value to “Category”.Then simply through the net and the Internet.Now click on the center and the network folder. Try

    How do I turn on network discovery and sharing center?

    Open the Control Panel, select System Security, then select Windows Firewall.In the left pane, use an application or feature that only allows Windows Firewall.Select Change settings. Youselect “Network discovery”, then press “OK”.

    How to turn on file sharing on Windows 11?

    This part explains how to continue file sharing in Windows 11. Step 1: Go to Settings > Internet & Network. If you are definitely using a Wi-Fi network connection, you need to click on in the wi-fi menu on the far left. However, if you’re using a regular network cable, you really want to select Ethernet. Step 2: In the related links settings, select the advanced “Change Sharing Options”.

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