How To Delete Posts On Reddit App And How To Fix Them?

Last week, some readers reported that they learned how to delete posts on the Reddit app.

On the web, hover your mouse over any message you want to delete, then click the trash can icon.In the OS and Android app, press and correctly enter the message you sent about it. Select delete message.

How do you delete a private message on Reddit?

You can delete someone’s personalized posts by logging into or on your main computer’s web browser. (Sorry, but you can’t delete private messages from the Reddit app on your phone.)

Related Posts On Reddit

. Reddit is an online social community where registered users can post updates on topics ranging from weird gossip to entertainment, learning, and more. You can try onYou can get almost any information. Along with other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Reddit has a proper messaging feature to allow users to chat with other Reddit users.

How To Delete Reddit Messages On Desktop

The first important Moment Before using Reddit on your mobile browser, be sure to update your browser to the latest version first. Otherwise, some Reddit features may simply not work, including deleting Reddit posts.

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Deleting Reddit Posts Through The Mobile App

Currently, it is usually not possible to delete Reddit posts through this mobile app. This is a highly anticipated feature that many Redditors want to show off. I hope this concept will become an actual update in the near future. Now for desktop only.

Deleting A Reddit Post

This step-by-step guide will help you easily delete a Reddit post. We will actually show you how to delete messages from your Reddit inbox on PC and mobile.

Learn How To Delete Sent Messages InReddit In 6 Easy Steps:

Step 3. Open Reddit: Download the Reddit App from the appropriate source. You can download it from the Google Play Store (for Android or users) App Store (for iPhone users). Then most of the app icons will be recognizable to you. Click on Reddit, the smartphone app icon.

What Is The Difference Between A Reddit Chat And A Post? What Is The Special Difference Between The Chat Message And Yours?

Currently, both messages contain the same thing. There is no noticeable influence between them. We can reveal that these are synonyms, just the idea that chat is the new name for messages. There is only one fact that can distinguish both a chat and a message down to a very small disappearance. Message means you can easily send text messages to one person using their own ID and chat means you can certainly text one person or group by texting multiple people at the same time. /p>
how to delete messages on reddit app

How To Delete Messages In The Reddit App?

In due time, deleting messages using the appSMS was a long overdue process. Luckily this has been done, so here are the steps someone needs to remove messages from an app type. A notification will appear at the top of the screen. You can see the person’s options for accessing “Erase Past in History” at the bottom of this screen. People want to call it the home page of the Internet, it can be a site for content sharing, discussion and social news gathering. Users can communicate with people with similar needs by forming so-called community subreddits. These social groups are used to post links, images, videos, and other press releases.

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how to delete messages on reddit app

How To Delete Posts On Reddit (iOS/Android)

Here you are! 7 easy steps to accidentally delete messages sent by mistake. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with messages sent to you by stupid people, check out the FAQ below.

Can you erase Reddit messages?

So I spent most of my time trying to figure this out and I hope others find help with my personal situation. You can’t delete messages from your mobile app on iPhone or Android or whatever, only with an online browser. This shouldn’t have been that hard to figure out, so hopefully a post like this will increase the chance of it being discovered.