Help Fix Error When Unpacking JAR File

Sometimes your system may display an error code that tells you how to unpack the JAR file. This problem can have several causes.

  1. Make sure East Java is installed.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Locate the JAR file.
  4. Select your own JAR file.
  5. Copy the path to the JAR file.
  6. (more articles)


Basic command for extracting the contents of a single JAR file:

  • The x option means you want to extract the applications from the JAR archive.
  • The f configuration specifies that the jar file to get files from is specified on the command line rather than on standard input. jar file
  • conflict

  • which is the filename path (or plus filename) of the file from which the jar is extracted directly into files. Archive(s)
  • file(s) is a special optional argument consisting of a completely new space-separated list of files to extract from the archive. If this type is absent, the jar tool will extract all the facts from the archive.
  • how to decompress jar file

    As usual, important in the set in which the x and f options appearin the command, but there should be absolutely no spaces between them.

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    how to decompress jar file

    When extracting computer data files, the jar tool makes copies of the desired files and writes those types to the current directory, while the site copies the structure of the files in the archive. The original JAR file remains unchanged. This

    Caution: When extracting data, the many jars tool overwrites existing files with the common path extracted to the files.


    Let's create some files from the TicTacToe JAR we used in the previous sections. Remember that TicTacToe.jar has:

    Suppose you want to class enrich the TicTacToe file and the cross image file.gif file. For this you can command:

  • Using this will create a copy of TicTacToe.class in your current directory.
  • Creates images lists, if they don't already exist, adds a copy of cross.gif.Sera
  • Maybe extract as many files from the JAR directory as needed. The command in the event doesn't specify which files can be extracted, the jar tool extracts most archive files from. For example, you can extract toAll presentations from the TicTacToe archive using this command:

    jar file xf jar [archive files]

    META-INF/MANIFEST.MFTic-tac-toe.classTic-tac-toe.classTic-tac-toe.javaaudio/audio / beep.auaudio/ding.auaudio/return toaudio/yahoo1.auaudio/yahoo2.auexample1.htmlPhotos/images / cross.gifimages/pas.gif

    jar xf TicTacToe.jar TicTacToe.class images/cross.gif

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    How do I unpack a JAR file?

    Download and install WinZip at (Resources link)them.Select "File" then click "Archive to open" to open the JAR file, click or the famous "Open" button.Select the "Extract" icon and accept the default program settings or change the specific directory where you want to put the unpacked files.

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    Can you decompile JAR file?

    If you're looking for a simple puzzle game, download Windup and randomly run it as a command line version on your computer. ), considering a fallback Procyon FernFlower if that fails.

    How do I unpack a JAR file in Windows?

    To unzip a JAR, one needs a program capable of restoring the compressed files. Windows has features for this, but you can also use file extraction software such as 7-Zip and WinRAR to keep you busy at work. Usually, when you open a JAR file in software, you can more or less view all the folders and files inside.

    How do I convert a JAR file to an executable JAR file?

    Right-click the Java project and select Export. Select Java -> Executable JAR -> Next. Select the destination folder where you want to save it and complete the process.

    How do you extract a JAR file?

    How to extract a JAR file?

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    How do you open a JAR file?

    How to unzip JAR files?

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