Help Fix An Obs Capture Bug In Destiny 2

If you have destiny 2 Capture Observers on your system, this article can help you fix it.

How do I record Destiny 2 on Steam?

Bungie says Destiny 2 has very strict anti-cheat barricades built in, which also helps prevent other types of apps, like game recorders, from directly accessing a particular game. Instead, use the FBX full screen capture mode to simply capture the view of the game directed at your screen.

Why OBS Or ShadowPlay Aren’t Saving Destiny 2

In order to allow players to fight fairly and cleanly in Destiny 2, the creators of this game have made limited attempts to use third-party coding software Insert the game.

Capture The Foreground Window With A Shortcut

It’s important to note that sometimes OBS or Might Streamlabs won’t detect the game you’re running. Also, due to the screen flaws mentioned above, some might strongly recommend using Game Capture.

destiny 2 game capture obs

Remove Append And Therefore Game Capture

The first thing you need to do is remove capturing activities and add them again from sources. The Sources section is at the bottom of the OBS Studio dialog. Deleting an old game capture will remove all outdated ones x game capture settings, but the new one still has a lot of default settings.

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How Do I Save Destiny 2 Clips With A Few Clicks?

If you want to save Destiny Step 2 clips (or videos) with a few clicks, you don’t just need third-party software. or an SD card for writing, but you just need to have Windows 10 installed on your PC. This is because Windows 10 and later come pre-installed with a handy tool called Xbox Game Bar that can be easily used to various game tricks, including gameplay recording.

destiny 2 game capture obs

– Choose Any Software You Use. , Stream Destiny 2 On Twitch.

There are many different programs for streaming Destiny 2 on Twitch. Each of most of these programs has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as challenges depending on your needs and goals, and you should definitely choose accordingly.

Part 1: Launch OBS. The Administrator Needs To Resolve The OBS Game Hijack Issue. Black Screen

There are a number of reasons that lead to a black screen when recording using OBS. In some cases, the OBS hook black screen occurs because some function is blocking the Windows approach. So, if you are facing the problem of recording OBS game with black screen, you can try to run OBS as the best administrator to get all related features. The following steps will show you how to fix the OBS video game recording black screen by running OBS as an administrator.

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