Troubleshoot Acer Desktop USB Boot Issues The Easy Way

Last week, some readers informed us that they were experiencing acer Desktop Boot from USB. After minimizing the water screen, quickly press f12 on your keyboard. Use the arrow keys to select the USB drive as the first boot device. You press and enter and wait for the laptop to automatically boot up.

If someone doesn’t have access to the computer and doesn’t have a password, or is having trouble starting the computer, you may need a way to start the computer from a USB device that unlocks or repairs/reinstalls the computer. system. Here in this article, two settings are shown for the native laptop/desktop way to boot from a USB drive.

Start the computer from the USB drive:
Method 1: Enter boot option, To configure laptop/desktop to boot from USB
Method 2: Enter BIOS/UEFI in to Boot a Specific Laptop/Desktop from a USB Drive

Method 1: Enter Boot Option To Set Laptop/Desktop To Boot From USB

What is the boot key for Acer desktop?


Step 1: Plug in a USB device, boot/restart one laptop/desktop, and immediately press the boot selection key (F12, Esc, F8) repeatedly until the boot option appears.

(When enabled, you will see a line of text at the bottom of the screen relative to the first Flash screen. And can you specify in the logs which hotkey combination you need to boot. Or you can go to the Boot Parameter Key Table for more details in end.)

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acer desktop boot from usb

Step 2. When entering the boot option, press the up (†’†“) key to select the USB method, and press the (+/-) key to select the boot option. /p> on <

(Tap the most important point where you can apply the screen tip.)

After 6:

Step by setting the desired USB as the first option forboot, press F10 to exit, and press Enter to save the changes and eject the computer from the USB drive.

one . Go to boot menu to boot your Dell laptop from USB


1) a specific bootable USB drive into your Dell laptop, then boot/reboot. When the Dell logo appears, press F12 repeatedly until you reach the boot option.

acer desktop boot from usb

2) Press the Up/Down button to set the USB drive as the first boot option and press Enter to accept the change and normally boot your Dell laptop from the USB drive.

> 2. Go to the boot option to boot your HP computer from a USB drive

1) Insert the USB stick into the HP PC using this restart/reboot method and immediately press the ESC key in combination with until the boot menu opens several times.

2) Press (F9) the postman to open the boot device options menu.

3) Press the up and down arrow keys (†‘†“) to select USB Push and press Enter to boot your hp USB computer.

Way b 2. Enter BIOS/UEFI Settings, Configure To Have A Laptop/desktop Trainer From A USB Drive

Step 1: Plug in USB flash drive, laptop/desktop reboot, press UEFI key (F2 or other) to enter UEFI BIOS utility.

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Step 3. From the UEFI: Buy Name USB boot menu (the USB name will be accepted as your name) and press Enter to make the computer boot from the USB drive.

1) Connect USB, boot/reboot, computer, announce UEFI key (F2 indicator), or enter UEFI BIOS utility.


2) BIOS utility, press uefi, boot menu forward (or press F8).


3) In the boot menu, select UEFI: USB name and press Enter to boot your asus computer from a USB drive.

Step 1: Plug in your USB drive, boot/restart your laptop/desktop, and immediately press the BIOS boot button (F2, ESC, or LED whatever) several times until you get to the BIOS build page.

Step 2. Press the right button (†’) to open the download menu, press the up and down button (†’↔) to select the family USB drive, and press (+ ), create to create an important setting.royk your “Boot from USB first” option.


(Strategies may vary on computers. You can get advice on the screen.)


Step. Press F10 to save changes and press Enter to exit boot and computer from USB drive.

1. Change the BIOS settings to configure your Lenovo laptop to boot from a USB flash drive

USB connection

1) computer to Lenovo laptop and start/restart in this situation. Turn on the device immediately and press F2 (or F1) several times.

2) When you enter the BIOS settings, press the right (†) key to switch to the boot option, press the up and († ††“) key to select the USB HDD, and press F6 to find your USB drive for the first option.

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3) After setting the boot priority, press F10 to save the changes and press Enter to boot the Lenovo laptop from the USB drive.

2. Change the BIOS settings to set your Acer laptop or desktop computer to boot from USB


1) Insert the USB stick into the press, start/restart your computer. As soon as the logo appearsacer, then immediately press the F2 (or DEL) key and enter the BIOS several times.

How do I get my computer to boot from USB?

Change the BIOS sequence of your main PC so that your USB device is also the first one.Install the USB device into any USB port on your PC.Restart your computer.Look for the latest “Press any key to boot external from device” message on your existing device.Your computer must boot from its own USB drive.